Chilly T

Father MC - Baby we can do it (MCA)
L. Vandross & J. Jackson - The best things in life (A&M)
Marky Mark & Funky Bunch - You gotta believe (Atlantic)
Bobby Brown - Humpin´ around (MCA)
Trinere - Alone at last (Pandisc)
Allrasom - Hype pran nitro (Eastwest)
Chubb Rock - Lost in the storm (Select)
M&M - Get to know ya betta (Atlantic)
S.C.C. - Papa was a rolling stone (GWK)
Shabba Ranks - Show and sexy (Epic)
Marcella French - Be still (RIZ)
Third World - Riddim rule (Mercury)
Shabba Ranks - Twice my age (SPV)
Lords Of The Underground - Psycho (Elektra)
Kriss Kross - I missed the bus (Columbia)
Insane Poetry - How you gonna reason (Nastymix)
S.A.S. - Ambergroove (INT)
Fargetta - The music is on (Media)
Subride - Sukick (Stick)
Rhythm Quest - Closer to all your dreams (NWKT)
Super Ragga Gabba - Happa ragga (THP)
The Men Groudet Bosco - Dreams become reality (F-Trax)
Wreck´N´Effect - Rump (MCA)
Istanic Froce - My melody (1st Class)
Nice & Smooth - Cake eat it too (Columbia)
2 Too Many - My imagination (Jive)
Mary J. Blige - Real love (MCA)
Fu-Schnickens - True Fuschnick (Jive)
Public Enemy - Hang shale of criminal (Sony)
Pete R. & C.L. Smooth - S (Elektra)
Arrested Development - People everyday (Emi)
Rhythm Is Bass - Roses (Epic)
Portrait - Here we go again (Capitol)
Bobby Brown - Get away (MCA)
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