Heinz Felber

Whitney Houston - I´m every woman (House Mix) (Arista)
Cajmere feat. Dajae - Brighter Days (Emotion)
Totaleclipse - Come together (Centrestage)
Gahkey B. - Earth and Heaven (Magnet)
Christopher Taylor - Prove my love (Supreme)
C.F.M. Band - Make it funky (Rey-D)
Gloworm - I lift my caup (Pulse)
East 17 - Deep (London)
Marxman - All about eve (Phonograph)
Nightcrawlers - Living inside a dream (Island)
Tene Williams - Give him a love he can feel (Pendulum)
Candy Dulfer - Sax-a-gogo (Ariola)
Hooked On Dope - Hooked on you (Sporton)
Unanimous Decision - Bomb Diffnsal (Kold Sweat)
Young Holt Unlimited - Money can´t buy (Branswick)
Gang Starr - Lovesick (Cool Tempo)
Three Sounds - Here we come (Blue Note)
US 3 - Cantaloop (Capitol)
Madonna - Deeper and deeper (Sire)
Double Exposure - Ten percent (Double J.)
Deep South - Belive (Murk)
Todd Terry - Scat Cat (TNT)
Secret Knowledge - Make me scream (IRS)
Liberty City - Some lovin´ (IRS)
????? - Keep it open- Effervescnece (Hi-Bias)
Koo Moe Dee - How cool can a black man be (Jive)
Downtown Science - If I was (DefJam)
Lee Moses - Time and place (Pure)
Positive K. - Nightshift (4th Broadway)
Biri Sherman - Dream (WAK)
Rupia Edwards - Ire feelings (Trojan)
Da Basehead - I need a joint (Imago)
St. Etienne - Only love can break your heart (Heavenly)
Urban Hype - Living in a fantasy (Faze 2)
Demonstration - By daylight (GPR)
K-Klass - Don´t stop (EMI)
Lone Star Element - Stop feelin´ blue (Daghouse)
Valerie Harley - When you´re the next tone (JoJo)
Moore Classic Wall - I gave you my all (Bottom Line)
R.T. - States (Emotion)
Sandy B. - Feels like singin´ (Nervous)
NW 1 - The band played the Boogie (Ninja Tune)
Shaggy - Oh Carolina (Greensleeves)
Pharaoyde - Passing me by (Delicious)
Palm Skin - Getting out of hell (MoWax)
Easy Business - Sarah (Container)
Marden Hill - Saxopsychoblut (MoWax)
Digable Planets - Rebirth of slick (Pendulum)
Temptations - The Ones (Motown)
Now Shoo - C´mon (New Breed)
Chantay Savage - If you believe (D-Rec)
Arrested Development - Revolution (Chrys.)
Midnight Train - P.E.G. (Bullet)
Hustlers Convention - Upton (Stress)
Sven Väth - Ritual of Life (Eye Q)
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