Heinz Felber

Point One - Come on fella (Logic)
Eve Gallagher - Love is a master of disguise (CMP)
Alison Limerick - Make it on my own (Arista)
Sergio Mendes - Fanfarra (ST-ED)
Benny Moré - Santa Isabel de Las Lajas (SAR)
Smith & Mighty - Too late (FFRR)
Trisha - Ticket to ride (FAS)
MC Lyte - Cha cha cha (Atlantic)
Beatie Boys - Pass the mic (Capitol)
Clivilles & Cole - A deeper love (Columbia)
Keith Unnally - Season of love (Giant)
Mass Order - Lift ... voice (XXS)
How Gee - Black machine (EW)
Kofi - Me and love (Arista)
Lady Levi - Jimmy in the valley (Warner)
Soul II Soul - Joy (Tai)
U.F.O. - I love my baby (12zero)
Del The Funkee Homosapien - Mistadabalina (EKR)
Wally Jump Jr. - Tighten up (UAAT)
En Vogue - My lovin (Warner)
MC Shame - Ba... bum (Sony)
SNAP! - Rhythm is a dancer (Logic)
Sister Sledge - Everybody dancer (NMX800)
Ce Ce Peniston - Finally (A&M)
Lidell Townsell - Nunu (Mercury)
Adeva - Don´t let it show on your face (Cooltempo)
In Your Bones - Fire Island (Asset)
Beatmasters - Dunno what it is (Epic)
James Howard - We can do it (Downtown)
Earth, Wind & Fire - Sing a song (CBS)
McFadden & Whitehead - Ain´t no stoppin´ us now (Street Sounds)
The Brothers Johnson - I´ll be goo to you (XOT)
Kool & The Gang - Summer madness (DSR)
Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz (Columbia)
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