Heinz Felber

Apollo - Evolution (Amb 926)
Steve Blame feat. La Camilla - Give me your Love (Promo)
Robin - Show me Love (ZYX)
Chocolate feat. Weather Girls - It´s raining Men (Eastwest)
Izit feat. Sam Edwards - Don´t give up now (Tangue + Groove)
Jamiroquai - Blow your Mind (Sony)
Gabrielle - Dreams (GoBeat)
B-Tribe - Fiesta fatal (Eastwest)
Culture Beat - Mr. Vain (Sony)
Shakka Bo - Here we go (Stockholm)
US 3 - Tukka Yoot´s Riddim (Capitol)
Sunset - Shala lala la (BlowUp)
Bob Marley - Could you be loved (TuffGong)
Deodato - Super Strut (CTI)
Dance 2 Trance - Take a free Fall (Intercord)
Azid Force - Far from E. (Superstition)
Ephedra - Eve (Frankfurt Beat)
Waxattade - Show me your ye ye yeah (Bounce)
3 Phase - Prophet (MFS)
????? - Frankfurt Trax 4 (PCP / Sony)
Pulse at the new Place - New Place (Harthouse - HH 027)
Jiri Ceiver - No Tschai (Harthouse - HH 025)
Korgis - Everybody´s got to learn sometime (Eurostar)
Quartz feat. Stez - We´re coming at ya (Phonograph)
A.B. Free feat. Linda Rocco - Go deeper (Intercord)
Step Three feat. James B. More - Dream (Amber 99)
Black Machine - Love´n´Peace (PLM)
Nathan Davis - Sticky Buddy (N´Haight)
Guenn et Zalea Perenssion - L´abeille (Chant du Monde)
10th Chapter - Product (Guerilla)
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