Sven Väth

Patrick Pulsinger - Don (Music Tension 3007)
Bandulu - Ishmaelite (Foundation 02)
DJ Hell - Totmacher (James Pennington Rmx) (Disko B 50)
The Mind Of Cand Jones - Vulture S. (Tresor 56 LP)
Bandulu - Long Count (Foundation 02)
Love Inc. - Back To Life (Force Inc.115)
Subhead - B2 (Subhead 02)
Braincell - Dying World (Harthouse LP 21)
Cari Lekebusch - Trasig (Hybrid 03 LP)
Primitive - Urges (Primitive 01)
Sterac - Osirion (100% Pure 19)
Farmers Manual - Boiler (Mego 17)
The Wise Caucasian - Celisstial Empire (Mosaic 01)
Spacetime Continuum - Kairo,Carl Craig Mix 2 (Reflective 15)
Space Djz - Side On (Ongaku 12)
Subhead - (A1) (Subhead 03)
Clemens Neufeld - Future Legends (Fön 02)
Item One - Brainsurfer (A1) (Kurbel 05)
The Advent - It One Jah,Surgeon Rmx (Iternal LP 08)
Element Com. - Syncopate (E-Com 12)
Alter Ego - Lycra.The Dinosaur Mix (Harthouse 101)
Adam Beyer & Lenk - (A1) (Drumcode 01)
The Advent - Bad Boy,Luke Slater Rmx (Iternal LP 08)
Oliver Ho - Shine (Blue Print 02)
Jay Denham - Vice (Black Nation 170)
Eight Miles High - The Gift (Klang 10)
Jeff Mills - The Other Day (A1) (Axis 15)
Sapiano & The Partycrashers - Signal (Emmisions Audio Output 34)
Space Djz - Lights (Soma 46)
Plastikman - Sikness (Nova Mute 36)
Helican Scan - Index I (Chain Reaction 11)
Cold - Strobe Light Network (Reload 962101)
Just one question: Are you 100% sure about all the tracks from the glorious Sven Väth set from 12.10.96? I have hunted down all them tracks through the past 7 years and I can´t seem to find the track, which you claim is Patrick Pulsinger "Don". On SonicGroove.com, they claim the Tension 3007 (not music tension) to be a Dietrich Schöenemann release. Is that the one?

Greetings from Väths greatest fan in Denmark (since '96)

Torsten Rosendal
PS: Could I get an adress to send you some pictures of the most wicked Deco & Light installation that I have made? I got inspired from the nice installation from Väth@Tribehouse in 97(Neuss) where Hattenrath & Heil had done a great job. And some of the old Stelmacher & Jensen is nice too. Schade there´s never any really cool deco around at parties anymore...
Torsten Rosendal
Hi, here [email protected]

the TENSION you are searchning for , is patrick poulsinger "Don" (Tension 7003), but there is ONE Dietrich Schönemann-track on it!!!
Saugeile Clubnight. Überzeugt von Anfang bis Ende
Wenn ihr mich Fragt ist diese einer mit der Besten CN's vom Väth
Pechvogel | 21.03.2008
Wirklich eine der allerbesten Clubnights von Väth !
Thomas | 27.06.2008
Track no 8 is incorrectly listed as Subhead 02.

I just bought Subhead 02 because I want that track, but it´s not on Subhead 02.

Anyone who knows what track no 8 is?
Torsten Rosendal | 30.01.2009
Yes, it´s the Subhead 03.
Snowman | 20.02.2009
Ach so - thanks :)
Torsten Rosendal | 17.07.2009
Okay, this playlist needs some serious correction.

**Primitive - Urges (Primitive 01) Wrong. Discogs says it´s an "Unknown artist". It´s an early Swag production, though they are not credited for it. It´s on Primitive 01 allright.

**Subhead - B2 (Subhead 02) Wrong. The track is on Subhead 03.

**The Mind Of Cand Jones - Vulture S. (Tresor 56 LP) Wrong. It´s Holy Ghost - The Mind Control Of Candy Jones. It´s on Tresor 56 allright.
Torsten Rosendal | 19.03.2010
hallo zusammen,

habe n tape wieder ausgekramt...von 96. n sven väth mix auf hr3 und suche da n track, find den aber nirgends.

der track ist zwischen patrick lindsey - male phonk und alter ego - folk song. wer kann mir helfen?????????
die_eine | 25.06.2010
@ die eine: Das muss wohl ne Live-Clubnight sein, weil sonst liefen diese beiden Tracks nicht in einer Clubnight vom Väthche.
Dica | 30.06.2010
Kuam schaut man mal einige Jahre hier nicht rein, ist die Play-/Tracklist total verhunzt ;-(
Ron, der Ron | 04.08.2014
Ppl like you get all the brsina. I just get to say thanks for he answer.
Jolyn | 21.04.2016

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