Chilly T

Turbo B. - Best of my love (Polydor)
New Style Energy - Too late (SoundSystem)
Monie Love - Born 2 breed (Warner)
James Brown - Can´t get any harder (Scott)
2 Pac - Hold it if ya have (Atlantic)
Mad Kap - Da whole kit and kaboodee (BMG)
Bomb Smell - It´s my thing (Freeze)
Snow - Informer (Funky Mix)
Brown Posse - Drop it on the one (MCA)
TLC - Hat 2 da dack (LaFace)
En Vogue - Love don´t love you (Eastwest)
Portrait - Honey dip (Capitol)
Donell Rush - If only you know (MCA)
Naughty By Nature - Hip Hop Hooray (TBLP)
Run DMC - Down with the king (Profile)
Funkdoo Biest - Bow wow wow (Sony)
House Tram - Back to the brain (Luke)
Capitol Tax - I can´t be lonely (Primat)
Pete Rock - Lots of lovin´ (Elektra)
Mr. Lee - Hey L. (Funky)
Zow War Chant - Time zone (Profile)
Positive K. - I got a Man (Funky Mix)
Wreckx´N´Effect - Wreckx Stop (MCA)
Crucial D. - I´m a gambler (Amb.)
Just Ice - Girls + Jens (BMG)
Kenny Dope - Gunshot (Freeze)
Romeo - For you (Elektra)
Apache Indian - Chokthere (Island)
Tene Williams - Give him a love he can feel (Elektra)
Young Black Teenagers - Tap the Bottle (Funky Mix)
LL Cool J. - How I´m comin´ (DefJam)
Da Young Sta´s - Croz Pop (Eastwest)
Chris Williams - Every little thing I do (Uptown)
Green - Love thang (Atlantic)
Magic M. - Through the years (Magic)
PM Dawn - Looking through patient Eyes (Geet)
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